Nobody likes to think about trash. And recycling can be really confusing. How can we make recycling
simpler and more intuitive? Code of Life is a mobile application, which makes recycling easy and
convenient for urban professionals.

Client: Singapore Environment Council        Competition: Young Cannes Lion        Role: Art Direction


Creative Insight

Trying to sort which types of products are appropriate for recycling is perplexing.
Inconsistencies in programs, unclear labelling and inaccurate information also make
recycling a challenge. This leads to frustration and poor recycling habits.

To solve this problem, we bring the solution right into the palm of your hand. 



How do we make it easy for people to recycle their rubbish? By providing information
effortlessly. To do so, we make use of what’s already on every product: barcodes. Scan
a product's barcode, and information about how to recycle it will be displayed on the app.
Because of the ubiquity of the barcode, it becomes an open database that’s accessible
to everyone and anyone who’s willing to recycle. 


How Will It Work

Code of Life transforms recycling from a confusing process into something that’s
easy and accessible to everyone with a smartphone. It aims to give people a clear
answer on how to recycle different packaging goods.

The app will help increase the percentage of people who recycle, and get those
who do to stop tossing whatever they want into recycling bins and to do it the
right way.